how we share the sky is a collaborative project between two upward-gazing friends, Kathy Couch and Katherine Ferrier. The project began in 2008 when Kathy initiated an exchange with a simple invitation:
Once a day for seven consecutive days:
1) show a part of your sky (something visual) and
2) share something of yourself (something textual).

The two shared the daily practice for a week, recording the time and date of each piece and at the end of the seven days, exchanged what they had created.  Each artist took the images and text generated and created something with it.

Five years later, they begin again, returning to the skies as a way to connect and collaborate across space and time. They embarked on this most recent iteration January 1, 2014 with the intention of continuing this daily collecting, creating and sharing for 365 days.

For this phase of the project, Katherine and Kathy have established the following instructions:
1)  frame a piece of your sky (something photographic) and
2) invite that frame to inspire a line or two of your sky/day (something textual)

This time around, as a means to exchange their daily creations, Katherine and Kathy are using the forum of Instagram (#howwesharethesky) which contributes a unique set of constraints and freedoms to the project. They have also created this website as a place to view and read these daily creations side-by-side. Paired this way, the skies often evidence amazing moments of resonance and synchronicity, unfolding new layers of meaning not held by either sky on its own.

how we share the sky is an exploration of continuousness, commitment and connection, and of the way these intentions inspire us each to hone and expand our capacities of attention, composition and articulation.

Thank you for sharing in these skies with us. We believe they hold much, including you.


Katherine Ferrier

Katherine Ferrier is a dance artist, educator, poet, maker and curator. She is a co-founder of The Architects, an improvisation ensemble with a performance history spanning 20 years, and teaches and performs regularly throughout the US and abroad. Katherine curates /directs Cultivate, a festival created to nourish a growing community of contemporary dance-makers and dance supporters in Northern New Hampshire, and her writing about dance has been published in Contact Quarterly and Kinebago. Her spontaneous on-demand typewriter poetry service, THREAD, was recently featured in The Knot, and she offers ongoing writing workshops at The Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, NH.

Kathy Couch

Kathy Couch

For 17 years, Kathy Couch has been designing and creating visual landscapes in performance and installation works. Primarily working in the mediums of light and space, Couch has designed over 350 performances nationally and internationally. Creating installations and designs for a variety of traditional and non-traditional spaces, Couch’s artistic practice focuses on the vital role of the audience/viewer as active contributors to the work. Through the use of light, language, readymade objects, photography and space, she attempts to craft experiences that allow people to linger and contemplate moments of being, that they might become more aware of the power they possess to influence and shape the way they move—alone and together. Over the years, Kathy has created numerous interactive installations at the APE Gallery in Northampton, MA in celebration of National Poetry Month. This January, in collaboration with Katherine Ferrier, Kathy created and taught ::Through-Lines::, a 4-day writing/movement workshop exploring the intersections of language, body, space and objects. Kathy makes her home in Northampton, MA.